Why Nefercity?

Nefercity replaces paper-based data and documentation. Time-consuming manual aggregation and evaluation of checklists and protocols are a thing of the past. Our solution reduces human errors and the number of manual steps in processes through the automated, real-time and holistic data capture, analysis and reporting capabilities of our platform. Optimizing the quality and efficiency of your processes is a given with our tools and detailed business insights.



How do we help?

We manage your processes and encompassed checklists, as well as associated incidents. We employ mobile devices and optionally NFC chips to automatically detect objects of interest and control points, and help your employees with executing your processes effectively and error-free.

We send you personalized reports and notifications of the most relevant incidents for you and your departments.

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Great features of Nefercity

One single platform for managing everything.

  • Digitize every day work and leave paper and old checklists behind.
  • Easy setup and operation.
  • Real-time notifications of incidents.
  • Automated and extensive reporting.
  • Instant messaging capabilities to commmunicate with agents.
  • Geolocalization of objects and personnel in real-time.
  • High degree of configurability incl. industry specific vocabularies.
  • Remote access without installing any software.
  • GDPR conform with data sovereignty in Germany.

How to start with Nefercity?

Nefercity is a highly scalable and reliable cloud solution. Consequently your new account and operating environment is configured in a matter of hours. Nefercity is highly intuitive and does not require any special training for your team.

"Sit back and relax - we will notify you when an incident of interest occurs. Furthermore, you will receive a daily summary of everything that has happened at your sites."

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Are customizations of the Nefercity platform possible?
Is Nefercity industry specific?
How long does setting up a new site take?
Can multiple sites and customer groups be administered?
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